Rumors On The Internets: Everyone But Security Council Members Flat Broke

  • CBS News reports, "George Bush spends 58% of US Budget on Whiskey and some Bling for his hommies." [CBS News]

  • Proving that August has been "racism month" in politics for decades, it was this day in 1957 that Strom Thurmond ended his 24 hour filibuster of the civil rights bill. [This Day In Mythstory]

  • US uses foreign aid as bribe money to countries on the UN Security Council in exchange for pro-war votes, probably. Maybe. Possibly. [Freakonomics]

  • Cenus report on poverty and income released today, but administration doesn't want you to know that everyone is poorer, unless they're not. [The Carpetbagger Report]

  • McCain bored of dry-humping Bush, headed to South Carolina to make love, sweet love. [Pandagon]

  • Now you know about secret holds, and knowing is half the battle. [TPMmuckraker]

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