Rumors On The Internets: Extra Early/Late Edition

* Have ridiculous political views? Dying for attention? Don't waste time starting a blog -- call C-SPAN and loudly hurl insults at Jimmy Carter. [Think Progress]

* Brooklyn hipsters who spot Barbara Bush out drinking can't decide between whether to "vomit on" or "hate fuck" her. [Williamsboard]

* Giant pink house conspires with illegal Guatemalans to keep Mitt Romney out of giant White House. [DCeiver]

* Bloggers who post their "enemies list" -- including recently elected members of Congress who haven't had a day on the job yet -- need to switch to decaf. [The Blogometer]

* The Corner bloggers' had the delusional idea that Rick Santorum will replace Bolton. [The Corner]

* Hank Paulson: administration coffin nailer. [Robert Reich]


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