Rumors on The Internets: Feminists Fucked by Dr. Finger

  • Bloggers ask about timing of Zarqawi death, wonder how we've forgotten that Bush wasn't willing to nab "this known al-Qaeda terrorist in a known location based on air-tight intelligence before the war even began." [Political Animal]

  • Jonah Goldberg hopes "Zarqawi is greeted in the after life with a giant, tasty, bowl of white raisins." Urban Dictionary declines to comment. [The Corner]

  • The father of Nick Berg, the American allegedly beheaded by Zarqawi, takes the high road, quotes John Donne, is called "twat waffle." [LGF]

  • The FDA approves Merck HPV vaccine, Gardasil. On June 29th the national Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices decides whether or not to endorse the vaccine. Committee member Dr. Reginald Finger is concerned the vaccine could undermine his abstinence message. Feministing asks: "Are we Finger fucked?" [Feministing]

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