Rumors On The Internets: How to Feel Alive When You're Not Running a War

* Donald Rumsfeld looks forward to criminal prosecution, hopes to be the Tim Robbins character when he finally gets to jail. [The Carpetbagger Report]

* Stay tuned to Comedy Central for his cell mates bios and an interactive prison yard game. [Comedy Central Insider]

* Angry Democrat mob chases well paid assholes, looks to jam things up their well paid assholes. [Whiskey Bar]

* Conservatives looking to find a new bogeyman to inspire fear and loathing in Middle America, turn to the gay illegal Mexican immigrant. [Boozhy]

* Ballot counting in unresolved Ohio race on hold till after the Ohio State-Michigan football game next week. [Think Progress]

* Market efficiencies allowed the business lobby to already be puckered and ready for Democratic ass kissing. [The Hill Blog]

* Happy Veteran's Day: "The Marine Corps Rules for Gun Fighting." [The Evangelical Outpost]


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