Rumors On The Internets: I Want to Believe, John

  • Second "I had an abortion" campaign launched, first was in '72. [Feministing]

  • "More and more there is the sinking sensation at the Times that the Internet isn't Kansas." [Romenesko]

  • 68% of Americans support bringing all troops home by the end of this calendar year or by one year from now. [Eschaton]

  • Slutty kid may offend Muslims. [LGF]

  • Atlas Shrugs interviews John Bolton: "You remember Godfather, Frank Sinatra, it was supposed to be Frank Sinatra, he's crying, you're godfather. Same thing happens, somebody slap him. So how could you have so much faith in the Lebanon government? I mean, I want to believe, John. I believe in you. I want to believe." [Atlas Shrugs]

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