Rumors On The Internets: If You Think CIA Prisons Are Bad, Try Nebraska

  • In the list of Senators voting for the "torture bill," one of the kids just doesn't belong. [Lawyers, Guns, and Money]

  • Waterboarding: less similar to wakeboarding than you thought. [David Corn]

  • Thinking about Iraq makes Trent Lott's brain hurt, doesn't do it much. [Think Progress]

  • Weedy Wonka gets busted in Oakland. [Hit & Run]

  • Which means seminary students will be forced to actually smoke tobacco out of their "water pipes" this weekend. [Slice of Laodicea]

  • Condoleezza Rice wants Oprah to know that only a woman can really satisfy a woman -- but if she's not down then some Canadian dude will do. [Gawker]

  • George Allen biographer has hard time admitting she backed the wrong the horse. Garrett Graff nervously shuffles his feet. [Galleycat]

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