Rumors On The Internets: In Our Wettest Dreams, There Are Only Six Political Blogs

* Fun-hating media watchdogs want you to get election results from ticker tape machines. [Political Insider]

* If any judicial nominees go to a gay wedding, Sam Brownback wants it to be his. [The Angry Fag]

* Bill O'Reilly discovers secret DNC plot to smear Fox News. [Johnny Dollar's Place]

* Weekly Democratic communications meetings to focus on football and the weather now that Lieberman's leaktastic flack is sitting in. [Potomac Flacks]

* No calls yet for phased troop withdrawal in the War on Christmas. [MoJo Blog]

* Reporters refuse to turnover sources to the Government unless given a 50 lbs. bag of Funions. [Romenesko]

* It's hard to meet leftist chicks without being sooo into some radical activity. [Manifest Density]


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