Rumors on the Internets: It's 1912 and We're All Rich White Guys

* Stake wielders: disarm. Only upside-down American flags can destroy Michelle Malkin. [Michelle Malkin]

* Captain Ed waxes philosophical over the upside-down flag photos and considers who the object of "the illegals' " loyalty is. [Captain's Quarters]

* Mark Noonan analyzes two immigration opinions (one from Tony Blankley, who does not blog) and concludes: Pissing off Hispanics won't preclude your midterm GOP victory. [Blogs for Bush]

* Roger Simon wonders what's not to love about being a rich white guy. [Roger L. Simon]

* Kos contributor DarkSyde can't get behind the guest worker program, as everything Republicans touch turns to wage-raping gold. [Daily Kos]


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