* Mexican drug lords say a little prayer every night for Barack Obama, without whom none of their meth profits would be possible. [Hit & Run]

* Walnuts kept from going nuts in Vietnamese prisons by rubbing one out to Nancy Ronald Reagan every night. [YouTube]

* Giuliani's running not because of maniacal power lust, but because he thinks people want him to. [Freakonomics]

* Guy who calls Dick Cheney "Dad" also makes the call on what "sex for visa" and "air marshal drug smuggling" gets swept under the rug at DHS. [Think Progress]

* "Anytime someone is elected president in the United States, they must ask permission from Chuck Norris to live in the White House. The reason for this is because Chuck Norris has won every Federal, State, and Local election since 1777. He just allows others to run the country in his place." [World Net Daily]

* Mike Huckabee already plans to give up campaign, book sales doing fine. [Political Wire]

* Wanted: one military operation name thinker-upper, knowledge of history or familiarity with comic books a plus. [Rising Hegemon]

* Red, white and blue "Stephen Colberry" ice cream coming soon to better supermarkets everywhere. [Salon]


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