Rumors On The Internets: Kill What You Eat, Eat What You Kill

* Justice Scalia has never known the agony of interpreting the Constitution on an empty stomach, wants the same for impoverished Federal Judges. [Outside the Beltway]

* The best idea Tom DeLay has to drive traffic to his blog is blaming Reagan for the Iraq war. [The Carpetbagger Report]

* Even if it was Reagan's fault, the 109th Congress would gleefully name another half-dozen Post Offices after him. [Political Ticker]

* CNN holiday party had a kissing booth where Wolf Blitzer would say your name followed by, "Tonight, on the Make-Out Room." [Fishbowl DC]

* Ted Nugent gets a little older and a little wiser today, still backs the "Nagasaki them" plan for Iraq. [Axis of Evel Knievel]


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