Rumors on the Internets: Life Still Not Like the Movies

  • New movie Death of a President has visitors to Al Jazeera's website pretty excited, though ultimately let down. Typical Hollywood. [Al Jazeera]

  • Like weed? You'll love recently released film Idiocracy. Hurry up and get those quotes memorized! [Whiskey Bar]

  • Justice Department demands $2.1 million from "Girls Gone Wild" movie company, plans to seize and "review" additional footage. [Washington Wire]

  • In the horse race for 2008, if you're not out in front - you're just running through shit left on the course. [Political Derby]

  • Bill Clinton, free lunch impresses left-side bloggers. [Talk Left]

  • To get out of the ratings basement, Air America needs more sex talk -- they add The Young Turks to the broadcast lineup. [HuffPo]

  • Only 12 days before al Qaeda detonates a nuclear weapon in the US -- time to start the reckless sexing among other apocalyptic behaviors. [The Jawa Report]

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