* Poli Sci 101 talking point Francis Fukuyama returned to announce his official divorce from neoconservativism. Captain Ed, taking a cue from Charles Krauthammer's lashing, claims the split deserves a more candid explanation. [Captain's Quarters]

* Blogger Rusty attributes Putin's plagiary of an economics thesis, as reported in the Washington Times, to standard operating procedure. [The Jawa Report]

* Senator McCain yucked it up with Reverend Falwell at Liberty University. A Kos contributor provides Tim Russert a laundry list of questions to fire at the Maverick Senator. Will he crumble under the pressure of the hard-hitting agree/disagree format? [DailyKos]

* Leave well-researched theorizing on exploitation of the African continent to fancy PhD's. John Hawkins can trace the roots of Africa's economic and public health woes to their superstitious rejection of relaxed fit pleated khakis. [Right Wing News]

* No college-themed post is complete without reference to DEA-hating pipe aficionados. Davis Sweet takes on the Agency, the Administration, and Ambien-poppers -- each unwilling to admit that driving under the influence of marijuana is just like "driving-while-getting-a-blowjob." [HuffPo]


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