Rumors On The Internets: List of Reasons For John McCain to Just End It Now

  • The exact instant that all the crooked congressmen you love to hate "jumped the shark." [The Left Coaster]

  • Another "top 10" list, as long-irrelevant music magazine does cover story on soon to be irrelevant congressmen. [Think Progress]

  • Larry Craig's voting record reveals the old "it's not gay if your balls don't touch" urban legend is alive and well. [Pandagon]

  • McCain on a Democratic Senate majority: "I think I'd just commit suicide." [Political Wire]

  • Americans fire more bullets in Iraq everyday than there are people in St. Paul, MN. [Hit & Run]

  • Israel decides bullets are for suckers, is now murdering Palestinians with Klingon disruptors. [Cryptogon]

  • Kim Jong-Il has the power of the atom in his hand and the work of the Member's Only designers on his back. [The Cool Honey]

  • Here is why John McCain won't have to kill himself: the opposition party is the Democrats. [NYO]

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