Rumors On The Internets: Love Hate, Hate Everything Else

* Everything you ever needed to know about national security law you learned by watching The Wire. [Danger Room]

* John Edwards is pissed his party powder shipment got opened by a staffer. [News & Observer]

* Tom DeLay wants to arm-wrestle Bill Clinton over who loathes Newt Gingrich more. [Captain's Quarters]

* Sam Brownback would like to take this opportunity to remind you that he does, in fact, hate the gays. To reiterate: hates the gays, definitely not gay himself. Nope, definitely not. [1115]

* Military blogger conference to have largest concentration of geeks that can kill you in three seconds. [Blackfive]

* Joe Trippi is sure as he can be that "Every one of these candidates is going to get caught in a macaca moment." [PrezVid]

* Rahm Emmanuel finds Stephen Colbert "unsafe." [The Hill]


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