Rumors On The Internets: Mixtape Messiah

* ABC News chief White House correspondent Martha Raddatz rides dirty with a full clip in her pistola, will put Tony Snow into a coma. [The Swamp]

* U.S. District Court suckers bloggers into covering Scooter Libby trial. [Media Bloggers]

* Like the sun rises in the east, so to shall Al Sharpton run for president. [Wizbang Politics]

* Fred Fielding's daughter, who worked for Cheney, is definitely hot-for-DC. [TPM Muckracker]

* Bill Nelson thinks Sherrod Brown is a grabastic piece of amphibian shit, makes him drop and do 42. [Hill Blog]

* Louisiana: where racist murders are like cockroaches that survive all manner of natural disasters. [Shakespeare's Sister]


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