Rumors On The Internets: No Less Than 1,478,000 Morons In America

* Tony Snow is happy to confirm he's not lying, when he's not lying. [1115]

* Creepiest media moguls to attend conference in creepiest state for creepiest candidate. [Hotline on Call]

* Smarmy elites chase dandified elites from national political stage. [Political Insider]

* Barry Hussein wins key endorsement from leader of pro-terror voting block. [Election Central]

* Coalition party in Iraq must've run out of booze. [The Gavel]

* British troops only being withdrawn so Prince Harry doesn't have to grow any hair -- on his precious porcelain balls. [Breitbart]

* Fox news viewers tune into The 1/2 Hour News Hour to save time. [Comedy Central Insider]


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