Rumors on the Internets: Public Schools Bear Strange Socialization

  • The Counterterrorism Blog keeps track of reactions to Zarqawi's death. Proterrorism Blog strangely silent all day. [The Counterterrorism Blog]

  • Shockey news on House Appropriations Chair Jerry Lewis (R-CA) and [TPM Muckraker One and Two]

  • Yearly Kos attendees starting to lose us: "We, the people, are coming to power slowly and indefatigably, here in Vegas." [Daily Kos]

  • In Sen. Rick Santorum's (R-PA) 2005 book, It Takes a Family, he talks about the "weird socialization" of public school kids. For the audio book, he grasps for poll numbers and changes the language to "strange socialization." [Attytood]

  • ABC News publishes the name and picture of the informant who ratted out Zarqawi. It's cool that ABC's The Blotter allows open comments, especially today when the commenters are pissed. [The Blotter]

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