Rumors On The Internets: Real Americans Love Exxon and You Should Too

  • Venezuelan owned CITGO gas stations facing boycott by people whose giant vehicles need the most refilling. [GOP and the City]

  • George Allen's "ethnic rally" from the point of view of the "ethnics" in attendance. [Shaking Her Assets]

  • Flight Attendants resort to lying to get you off your damn phone. [Freakonomics]

  • Why are oil prices dropping? Because of the growing stability in Iraq and the decreasing possibility of an invasion of Iran, duh. [Blogs For Bush]

  • Ever relevant Consumer Product Safety Commission wants you to take product safety TO THE EXTREME! [Consumerist]

  • Tragically misunderstood Mahmoud Ahmadinejad respects Jews like George Allen, has several Jewish friendsters. [Captain's Quarters]

  • Richard "Leakmeister" Armitage threatened to bomb Pakistan "back to the stone age." Unless he didn't; buy President Musharraf's book on Monday to know for sure! [ChicagoTrib]

  • Lynn Westmoreland thinks torture is fucking hilarious. [Echidne of the Snakes]

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