Rumors on the Internets: Reconfirming What We Already Knew

  • Well, that's one conspiracy from 2004 confirmed -- smart kids demonstrate Diebold hack. [Princeton]

  • Or maybe not, it's impossible to know who to trust. [The Swamp]

  • Jim Webb thinks there are too many damn lesbians in the Navy and he doesn't trust them -- we very strongly disagree. [Wizbang Politics]

  • New Santorum campaign ad accuses Casey of being financed by the Sopranos, if the Sopranos were played by actors who work for SAG scale. [Election Central]

  • Intelligence criticism on Iran moves further back in the "A" section, and it all just feels so familiar. [Political Animal]

  • Yup, North Koreans love eating those wascally wabbits. [Fox News]

  • Tucker Carlson -- gone, not forgotten. Or gone, really. [FishbowlDC, HuffPo]

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