Rumors On The Internets: Sadly Lacking In Rowdy Friends

* Bill Frist has found a moonshine still, and ain't comin' down from rocky top -- reckon he never will. [Political Wire]

* Dehmokratz bad, Tom hate dehmokratz. Tom like cigar, mmm, cigar. [Think Progress]

* Barack Obama makes an announcement everyone knew was coming. [YouTube]

* But he won't be president until he stops dressing so Ahmadinejadily. [Political Animal]

* You want to see Hillary Clinton do icy-bitch? 'Cause she can do icy-bitch, oh boy can she do icy-bitch. [Freakonomics]

* World dictators get all the teen-aged ass Mark Foley never did. [Radar]

* In Vietnam -- as in politics and the bedroom -- Jim Webb is using live ammunition. [The Swamp]

* Meet your new Fox analyst: Rick Santorum. [TVNewser]


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