Rumors On The Internets: Scooter's Behymen

* It's almost as if National Review guys knew what they thought before the verdict. [Think Progress]

* Sully thinks the outcome of the case is plain ol' peachy. [Daily Dish]

* The Cheney "blood clot" is just cover to get someone in the VP slot that can run for president. Come on guys, keep up. [Blogs For Bush]

* We've seen Clive Owen's movies, and you, Joe Wilson, are no Clive Owen. [C&L]

* Bob Woodward is making scratches on the wall to count the days until Scooter goes in to prison. [The Left Coaster]

* William F. Buckley called Gore Vidal a "goddamn queer" on teevee back when people still watched teevee, so STFU about that horse-faced skank. [Sweetness & Light]


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