Rumors On The Internets: Strokin' To The East, Strokin' To The West

  • The Osama and Kola story comes to the big screen - think "Pretty Woman meets Midnight Express." [TPMmuckraker]

  • Limbaugh guest host believes racial slurs good enough for Stanley Kubrick are good enough for him. [Media Matters]

  • They get moral points for trying, but now Time Inc. is giving up and going back to the grey haired fans that adore them. [Romenesko]

  • Tom Cruise knows the Germans are suckers for some totalitarianism and he wants in. [The Swamp]

  • You thought S.R. Sidarth uses his free time to help orphans and shut-ins? Nope, he spends "at least a few hours a week jacking off to Internet porn," just like you . [Riehl World View]

  • If New York Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Suozzi had any chance of winning, he wouldn't be wasting time with any of our punch-drunk family members. [Gawker]

  • New "Google Soapbox" debuts, has conservative slant. [MoJo]

  • Federal Air Marshal Service drops dress code, fearing it endangered marshals cover -- it's not the clothes guys, it's the mustaches. [Captain's Quarters]

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