Rumors on the Internets: That's Because Crabs Come From Maryland, Duh

  • More people seem to think Nancy Pelosi is a fighter than a lover, even fewer think she is a "Cute Little California Crabcake." [The New Editor]

  • In the various social circles of drug-addled former pop-stars turned international terrorists, Bobby Brown is normal. [The Corsair]

  • Horny Muslim dudes think up ingenious way to score steady pussy, NSA obv. [Hit & Run]

  • Washington Post spreading rumors about stupidity of American teenagers to help their own bottom line. [TPM]

  • Massively boring IAEA report released, bottom line is, "Iran has not suspended its enrichment related activities." Just look for the bolded bits. [Power Line Blog]

  • In wikiality, Bush family patriarchs were Nazi money men -- maybe also in reality. [HuffPo]

  • Ann Coulter wants to kill Senator Sen. Lincoln Chafee, among others. [Media Matters]

  • Michelle Malkin thinks she needs "serious help." [Michelle Malkin]

  • The Man Who Won't Be President would rather be wrong than President. [Re-Elect George Allen!]

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