* Chuck Hagel will announce his '08 candidacy on Monday. Or he'll do something else. Or he'll do nothing. [Political Wire]

* Iranian defense minister defects to U.S. with decades of knowledge of government-backed terror operations, secret hummus recipe. [Passport]

* Scooter's SCOTUS drinking buddies control whether he'll have new soap-on-a-rope shower buddies. [Inside Court TV]

* It takes more than just a flat head to get Jon Tester's hair like that. [The Sleuth]

* Air America knows you're no one until you failed spectacularly, twice. [MoJo]

* Pete Domenici's new lawyer feels the same way. [TPM Muckraker]

* They may not be real Mitt Romney supporters, but they play 'em on the Internet. [techPresident]

* Henry Kissinger uses panel discussions on global poverty to get ass. [Radar]

* Monopolist talks competitiveness with communist congressmen -- yay America! [The Swamp]


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