Rumors On The Internets: The No Stroke Zone

  • Congressman says Baghdad and Manhattan are twinsies, cites availability of goods on street corners and porno video stores as examples. [Think Progress]

  • Rick Santorum continues to go after the "virgin vote," appealing to their sensibilities by likening the Iraq war to Lord of the Rings. [Salon]

  • John Boehner eulogizes PageFuckerGate, brandishes The Eternal Hammer of Tax Policy. [Hotline on Call]

  • Gorby reiterates: they're real, and they're spectacular. [Goldenfiddle]

  • Ain't no Alabama Congressman gonna spend his time learnin' bout no "mozlawms." [Hullabaloo]

  • Republican incumbent in Wyoming race sees lead slip to only 7 -- actual voters, not percentage points. [Political Wire]

  • Bill O'Reilly will make you hate yourself, one way or another. [Fishbowl DC]

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