* There is no political strategy. Just a list of Republicans Rahm Emanuel has allowed to live. [My DD]

* Yusuf Islam pulls the peace train into the station, now wants "Everyone to jump into the bomber van. Come on now, bomber van." [The Jawa Report]

* George Bush only gives nicknames to those he loves, and he loves every Democrat in Congress. [The Morning News]

* Republicans not sweating election results, continue "high-fiving each other whenever they take a break from dancing jigs." [1115.org]

* Today's Martin Luther King memorial groundbreaking ceremony was emotionally charged for all, except for Tommy Hilfiger, the stone faced man. [The Swamp]

* Time magazine blames Democrats' sissy looking mascot for this week's boring cover design. [Media Matters]

* Asked about lessons Republicans could learn from the midterm elections, Grover Norquist offers, "Don't throttle mistresses." [FT]


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