Rumors On The Internets: The Rest and the Rightest

* Military continues to rely heavily on "moral waivers" to meet recruitment goals, "If you're not gay, there's a way." [The Carpetbagger Report]

* Barack Obama can sell ice in the winter, sell fire in hell, he's a hustler baby, he can sell water to a well. [The Swamp]

* James Carville's nickname changed from "Ragin Cajun" to "Captain Obvious" in light of his 2008 picks. [Political Wire]

* Walnuts McCain: a Machiavellian master, or making it up as he goes along? [Robert Reich]

* Sam "Next to be Outed" Brownback has supporters that are pretty sensitive to the word "theocracy." [Andrew Sullivan]

* Congressional Republicans take their money and run, leave your money in a disheveled pile on the floor. [TPM]

* "John WATB Harris and Jim 'Pool Boy' VandeHei" set to go down in hilarious flames at the hands of their readers, if there are any. [Firedoglake]


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