Rumors On The Internets: The Unparalleled Horniness of the Middle East

  • The generosity of Hezbollah goes as far as their copy paper and green ink supply will take them. [Sticky Notes]

  • The good Photoshop guy must've been too busy making those Benjamins -- it's nothing a little Google image search for "Israeli boat we blew up" won't fix. [The Jawa Report]

  • Israeli things that may actually sink include President and horny horn-dog Moshe Katsav. [1115]

  • Saddam Hussein is no rapist, no sirree -- if you say so, he'll kill you. Somehow. [AFP]

  • Another lusty international criminal is Osama bin Laden, who wouldn't have to rape true love Whitney Houston, once that pesky Bobby Brown was out of the way. [Gawker]

  • Really though, all the aggressive sex stuff would go away with just a little broadband access. [Professor Bainbridge]

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