Rumors On The Internets: The writer is secretary of state.

  • Reading about al Qaeda for pleasure. [Hullabaloo]

  • Bloggers have body image issues. [La Shawn Barber]

  • Wizbang is Explosively Unique: "...this country needs both parties, like it or not." [Wizbang]

  • "Russ Feingold, not Hillary Clinton, is the favorite to win the Democrats' 2008 Presidential nomination. He's 'Howard Dean without the delicate psyche,'" [Powerline]

  • Uncomfortable fallout from Condoleezza Rice's WP column, commenter: "Lipstick on a pig doesn't change the fundamental essence of the pig. I don't care what color it is, or how thickly it's applied." [Captain's Quarters]

  • Louisiana is least business-friendly state. [Hit & Run]

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