Rumors On The Internets: Then You Don't Go Killing All The Bees

* New JFK assassination film released only 45 years after the Powers That Be killed him. It's great how the "amateur photographer" got establishing shots of the Texas School Book Depository and the sixth-floor windows before the murder. [Raw Story]

* The teevee causes "cancer, autism, dementia" and other problems, no matter what you watch. PBS probably causes AIDS. [Scotsman]

* Seriously, watching the teevee will kill you, and then your corpse will sit there for a year or so. [IHT]

* Texas congressman Sam Johnson (R-Schizophrenic) was all for withholding U.S. military funding in Bosnia because "the president has tied our hands, gone against the wishes of the American people, and this is the last best way I know how to show my respect for our American servicemen and women." Obviously, he loves the Iraq Surge today. [Reason Hit & Run]

* U.S. spies reading, laughing at your e-mail. [Cryptogon]

* This little fascist Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Cunt) wants all your Internet traffic and searches and IMs and emails recorded forever and provided to the government, even though Google already does that. {Security Focus]

* WALNUTS! McCain kicks Rummy when he's down. [CNN]


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