Rumors On The Internets: There's Got To Be Some Kinda Way Outta Here

  • Dan Bartlett says the White House Iraq policy is much like history, "changing week to week." [Media Matters]

  • Bush to establish military junta if Democrats manage to win any seats. [Captain's Quarters]

  • Political consultants on both sides scared shitless of their candidate being interviewed by Stephen Colbert, calling his show, "must-not-do TV." [Potomac Flacks]

  • Hillary Clinton opponent and also-ran John Spencer calls Hillary a "butter face." Claims it cost "millions" in plastic surgery to fix her busted grill. [The Left Coaster]

  • All along the watchtower, Mitt Romney kept the view. While all the Mormo-Republican strategists came and went, wacky Utah preachers too. [The Carpetbagger Report]

  • Maintaining "EIB" all the way, Rush Limbaugh accuses Michael J. Fox of faking Parkinson's disease to garner sympathy for Democratic causes. [Crooks & Liars]

  • Paranoia inducing Total Information Awareness program, previously booted out of DARPA, lives on at NSA with the rest of the illegal programs you haven't heard about. [TPM Muckraker]

  • America has its priorities straight, spends more on candy corn at Halloween than the GDP of Nicaragua. [Thinkprogress]

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