Rumors On The Internets: Too Bad Dick Cheney Didn't Get Blowed Up The Other Day

* Bill Clinton might have called hookers "just to talk," but he never inhaled, or finished himself off, or, whatever. [Shenanigans]

* Joe Biden tells a gym full of high school kids about all the countries he can't wait to start bombing. [PrezVid]

* Bill Kristol does a blawg about how HuffPo commenters hate America because they wish Dick Cheney was dead. Great start, Bill! [Worldwide Standard]

* George Pataki considers whether to waste his time running for president. [Hotline on Call]

* Kos nerds spend most of their time talking about Bush and Lieberman -- glad we stopped reading that site two years ago. [MyDD]

* He's not in office anymore, but we know you still hate him -- Rick Santorum goes journo. [TAPPED]

* Bill O'Reilly: "the clown that no one laughs at, they all just wish he'd die." [ePluribus]


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