Rumors On the Internets: Turn and Face the Strain

* Jim Jeffords stole Walnuts! maverick thunder in 2001 and never gave it back. [QandO]

* Diane Feinstein: so many fuckups to distance herself from, so little time. [World Net Daily]

* Army happy to accept freshly-inked killers the Marines have rejected. [Vodka Pundit]

* James Inhofe hates U2 as much as you do. [C&L]

* Rudy took down Judy the first night. [Hotline on Call]

* Predictable Iowa voters go for the whitest candidate with a cock. [MoJo]

* New jib-jab cartoon that debuted at last night's radio/teevee dinner. [jibjab]

* Howard Dean is less of a prick than before. Hazzzzzzzzzzah! [Roll Call]


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