Rumors On The Internets: Welcome to Islamabad, Yakoo

  • Pakistani newspaper reports, "Macaca communities in Virginia have taken their sweet revenge." [Comedy Central Insider]

  • It was Robert Gates' experience exaggerating enemy military strength that landed him the job. [Rising Hegemon]

  • Nancy Pelosi really is planning to impeach Bush -- and only Malkin knows the truth. [Michelle Malkin]

  • Allen tells Webb, "Don't rearrange the furniture, I'll be back in 2012." [MoJo Blog]

  • Jon Tester: "I too have dabbled in pacifism." [Tbogg]

  • Republican losses cause Rush Limbaugh to feel "liberated," meaning he is now free to recycle Clinton era talking points about the evil Democratic establishment. [Media Matters]

  • Howard Dean will not rest until he has counted every last Republican vote. [Scrappleface]

  • Jesse Jackson Jr. can't stop eating perogies and dancing polka; excitement about the new congressional majority has turned him white. [The Swamp]

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