Rumors on the Internets: We're Not So Different After All

  • To prevent suicides and bad PR, with high schoolers and detainees alike, just be honest. [Eric Umansky]

  • John Murtha and Frank Rich get dressed down, respectively: "both of whom argue that Iraq is a disaster, Somalia is either a brilliant tactical decision or a stunning loss for America -- and this within hours of each other." [Captain's Quarters]

  • The Senate Commerce Committee will vote on Net Neutrality Thursday. FireDogLake lists the phone and fax numbers of the Senate Commerce Committee members. Commenter says: "Without net neutrality the telecom industry can control political speech on the internet every bit as much as they already control political speech on TV." [FireDogLake]

  • Married women are (not) de facto bitches. Concept "generating a lot of buzz in the blogosphere." In other news, "generating a lot of buzz in the blogosphere" is the new "pale smattering of freckles." [Dean's World]

  • Glenn Greenwald loves "Federalist 69," plugs own book. [Unclaimed Territory]

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