Rumors On The Internets: What Lookin' For Some Lovin' Can Get You

  • House GOP leadership must admit to A. possible criminal conspiracy, B. complete incompetence, or C. a lingering hope that one day Mark Foley would start liking cocks with a little hair on them. [The Left Coaster]

  • Brian Ross: a careerist Democratic mastermind who lied to influence the elections, and who even now sits at home rapping his fingers on a desk made from the bones of his crushed enemies. [The Jawa Report]

  • Iranian uranium tourism to start soon, ribbon cutting by Johnny Knoxville. [Al Jazeera]

  • There's no fooling Justice Scalia, he knows no Mexican can resist the primordial call of the Cuervo. Further Scalia questioning concerned funny hats and laziness. [Above The Law]

  • Don Sherwood wants you to know his drunken whoring never interfered with his tax cutting. [Hotline On Call]

  • New Google "Truth Predictor" to instantly analyze bullshit from politicians, tell you if its brown and solid or green and runny. [Captains Quarters]

  • Old Bush rips into young Bush's Presidential style, or just forgets to mention his name -- old people, can't trust 'em. [HuffPo]

  • But you can count on them to keep a pulse going in the dead-tree news business, just ask Howard Dean's mom. [Gawker]

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