* Justice Department tries to whack a wise guy to save Rudy and Hillary's reputations. [HuffPo]

* Rich white assholes suspect John McCain might be "tainted, perhaps beyond repair." [Club for Growth (PDF)]

* Second Iranian agent forsakes his homeland for burgers, baseball and big fake titties. [Newsmax]

* Congressman Mike Doyle thinks Pitchfork Media is the hipster equivalent of Fox News. [Tech Dirt]

* Bush edging ever closer to the all-time record for futility. [Political Arithmetik]

* So, you say you never ever want to get laid? [Political Insider]

* Fred Thompson's new running mate is the other guy from Law & Order. Betcha didn't see that coming. [Hotline on Call]

* Hurry! Only one day left to get your application in to spend the summer flip-flopping around the Hill and blowing Howard Dean. [Democrats.org]

* Dennis Miller is hosting Rudy's fundraiser tonight, so, like with dinner, laugh before you go. [Suitably Flip]


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