Rumors On The Internets: Whip Inflation Now!

* Republican Congress Critters suddenly all concerned about the plight of minorities ... the Minority Party in Congress, that is. [TPM Muckraker]

* By this morning, Canadian CEOs had already made more than regular Canadians will earn all year. [Cryptogon]

* Liberals, conservatives and libertarians agree: John WALNUTS! McCain is a dangerous lunatic who will surely bring about the Apocalypse if he somehow becomes president. [Matt Welch]

* Michelle Malkin still can't find that AP police guy in Iraq, which is why we lost the war. [Red State]

* United Airlines pilots and ground crew at O'Hare watched freaky silent UFO hovering over airport, and then it shot across the sky and vanished. FAA blames swamp gas. [CNN]

* Treasury Sec Hank Paulson was totally arrested in Europe for the usual American crimes against the rest of the world; will go to prison forever. [World Reports]


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