Rumors on the Internets: You Say Stomache Ache, I Say Gut-Wrenching Hiatal Hernia

  • The LA Times cites a drop in ratings. O'Reilly responds, "Eh, not so much." And that's the denial-laden memo. [TVNewser]

  • "Bitches ain't shit," Rove replies to GOP denouncers of General Hayden. [Whiskey Bar]

  • Once you sleep with a Nutella-crusted European, you'll understand the Democrats' pain. [The Rude Pundit]

  • "Well, one day Mommy decided to play with the vibrator Daddy bought her when he thought he still had a shot at a three-some, and -- our little bundle of joy arrived!" The New Yorker still has an eye for great fiction writers. [Unfogged]

  • Colonialism re-defined: make us stuff, give us stuff, but let's pretend you're doing neither. [The Fly Trap]

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