Rumsfeld Testimony Update: I Thought You Had It. No, I Thought You Had It!

Another rush transcript from our intern, this of John McCain's questioning of Rumsfeld and the generals:

    McCain: Tillman. . . brave. . . authority. . . contractors. . . list?

    Rumsfeld: Myers brought. . . chart. . . will explain. . .

    Myers: We left it. . .

    Rumsfeld: Oh my. Oh my. . .

    Myers: Where?

    McCain: In all due respect. . . you've got to answer. . .

    Rumsfeld: Oh my.

    McCain: Answer. . . question. . . straightforward. . . taken care of with one phone call. . . What is wrong with you?

    Rumsfeld: Contractors. . . guards guard.

    McCain: Guards. . . Geneva?

    Rumsfeld: Geneva.

    McCain: Thank you.

As with other rush transcripts, we can't say that it's verbatim. But, seriously: Someone left their chain of command chart in the car. That's what happens when you take eight SUVs to get somewhere.

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