Run For President, Everyone Else Is

* Bush is going to keep everyone's mouth shut about everything until he's safely retired in Paraguay. [NYT]

* Nobody wants to join the Army because that means getting blown the fuck up in Iraq. [NYT]

* The Pentagon is ready to use felons and drug addicts as fodder now that all the good people are all limbless and tied to radiators at Walter Reed. [The Hill]

* We're not leaving Iraq, per se. We're merely keeping a massive military footprint there for, say, the next fifty years. [WP]

* Oh, look. The Attorney General lied about something. [WP]

* Democrats are talking about healthcare for everybody, but not in the kind of way that would jeopardize those PAC contributions. [WP]

* Senator Vitter pays women to have sex with him, not that anybody cares. [WP, Politico]

* Terrified, Nancy Pelosi caves to Cindy Sheehan's demands. [The Hill]

* Iowans hate Democrats. [WT]

* Iraqi minister says that US pullout would lead to civil war and a collapse of the government. We assume that that's worse than right now, but we're not sure how. [LAT]

* Obama's never really done this whole running for president thing before. [LAT]

* There are front runners emerging and shockingly, John McCain isn't one of them. [LAT]


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