Rush Limbaugh 'Cannot Possibly Relate' To Media Person's Crude Commentary


Some radio producer lady who used to be on the liberal smear forum JournoListhas apologized for once writing there that if she saw national treasure Rush Limbaugh having a heart attack she would "laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out." No one is more appalled by this disgusting talk than Rush Limbaugh, who knows that the lady is just "jealous" of his success.

Limbaugh laid out the truth in an email to the Washington Examiner news-blog:

I think most people on the left live in a world where merit is irrelevant. Theirs is a world in which connections, networking, kissing ass and obedient sameness are rewarded. I am the antithesis of all that. I am a legitimate, achieved and accomplished Number One and I’ve made it on my own and without them and without having followed their proscriptions. I think they are also jealous that I just sold my NY condo for a 125 percent profit while their homes are worthlessly underwater.

Maybe he was following his own "proscriptions" a little too enthusiastically when he added:

There is NO Media. We know that now.

Um OK, so if there is "NO Media" then what is "the radio"? JEEZUS NEVER MIND.

Being a talker, Limbaugh could not stop himself from going on and on about this. He also called out the maniacally laughing radio lady in a monologue called "Why Apologize, Sarah Spitz?", in which he mentions drugs again:

I always love it when these people get a dose of their own medicine because they can't take it.

Everybody’s jealous of Rush Limbaugh’s medicine-taking abilities! It's how he got to where he is today ("the top").

So far, laugh-y and gaffe-y Sarah Spitz has not gotten the Dave Weigel/Octavia Nasr treatment from her employer, Santa Monica-based KCRW, which is putting out the message that the public broadcaster is "dedicated to civil discourse and the free exchange of ideas." But NPR, of which KCRW is an affiliate, is all "uh-uh, she don’t work here," because they are ashamed. [Fox News/Washington Examiner/]


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