Rush Limbaugh Newsletter Hops Aboard Nerd Art Plagiarism Bandwagon


Hey, so what's the deal with right-wingers, huh? They're always going on about how sacred PRIVATE PROPERTY is, how it's all IMMORAL for anyone to benefit from SOMEBODY ELSE'S "hard work," am I right? And then you hear about something likeTHIS genius who goes and RIPS OFF an image from a VIDEO GAME so he can turn it into a picture of Dead Andrew Breitbart as an avenging angel! I guess these guys don't mind a little REDISTRIBUTION as long as THEY'RE the one's doin' it and not the GOVERNMENT, know what I mean?

So, yes, it turns out: they didn't build that. SciFi and Fantasy blog i09 advises us that the cover of a recent Limbaugh newsletter bears the image at the above left, depicting Rush Limbaugh as a glaive-wielding homunculus fighting a ravening Hell-Spawned Obamanation. The image was credited to artist Christopher Hiers, but a sharp-eyed reader recognized the picture as the "Nightmare Beast" from the 2002 Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Monster Manual II. The actual artist turns out to be Wayne Reynolds, who makes pictures the old-fashioned way, by "drawing them."

On his Facebook page, real artist Reynolds is something less than flattered by the imitation:

"That's a bad copy of an illustration I was never happy with in the first place. [Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast's] legal team might be interested in this one though!"

Also, too: Did you notice that the "Nightmare Beast" seems to have gotten the O.J. Simpson treatment? We're just sayin', is all.


Doktor Zoom

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