Rush Limbaugh Thinks Chris Christie Is A Big Fat Fool

Rush Limbaugh Thinks Chris Christie Is A Big Fat Fool

Oh ha ha ha, this is delightful! Two days ago, Chris Christie basicallytold Romney to go eat a dick because he wasn’t interested in prancing around with Mittens, looking for photo ops, while half of New Jersey’s coastline was still underwater. So today, Rush Limbaugh has decreed that Chris Christie is “fat” and a “fool” for daring to look after his state instead of Mitt Romney’s presidential ambitions. Doesn't Chris Christie know that it's Mitt's Time??

With Sandy still too raw for anyone to start make political points, there has been no backlash from Republicans about his alliance with Obama only six days from election day. Christie has said politics do not matter to him at the moment. But on Monday, even before Christie lavishly praised the president's handling of the storm as "outstanding", the right-wing talk-show host Rush Limbaugh called the governor "fat" and "a fool".

Christie was a keynote speaker for Romney at the Republican convention in Tampa this summer and has been out on the campaign trail regularly on his behalf. And yet he not only praised Obama but, unlike mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York, also agreed to host the president on a tour of the stricken parts of his state.

Yes, what a fat fool, how dare Chris Christie not support the guy who wanted to privatize FEMA and then didn't really know what he wanted to do with FEMA and then decided that only a crazy person would privatize FEMA? Rush is confused! But that's ok, he can always  just console himself with his tiny penis.

[The Guardian]


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