Rush Limbaugh's Dumb Pro-Hillary Scheme Flops

Suck it.Loser pill-head Rush Limbaugh has an AM radio show during the daytime. His audience of bitter old white retirees and home-appliance repairmen was instructed to go out en masse and vote for Hillary in open primaries, so that liberal Latino-American John McCain could at least have a small chance of winning in November. But it totally failed, so now Limbaugh is suddenly pretending he really wanted his listeners to vote for the black guy.

Indiana had an open primary, so registered Republicans could show up and vote. Just 10% of people who took part in Tuesday's Indiana primary were Republicans, and they only favored Clinton by 8 points. (Independents made up 20% of the voters and overwhelmingly chose Obama.)

So the sum total of the "Limbaugh Effect" on Tuesday's primary was nothing at all in North Carolina and nothing measurable in Indiana. Ashamed and chagrined over his girlfriend Hillary's loss of the nomination, today Limbaugh is pretending he really thinks Obama is the weaker candidate.

Limbaugh's sad effort to fuck with the Texas Democratic primary ended with Obama winning the Republican vote by 4%.

Rush Limbaugh urges vote for Obama [CNN]


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