Rush Limbaugh’s Hot Syria Fanfic: Obama, Rebels Behind Chemical Attacks So Obama Can Have The War Obama Doesn’t Want


The notion that Obama conspired with Syria’s rebels to launch a false-flag chemical attack and blame it on Assad isn’t the most insane, nonsensical theory we can imagine. (That would go something like: “Quebecois separatists collaborated with Oprah and the reanimated corpse of Al Jolson to launch the chemical attack because chemtrail helicopter lizard people corncob hamster skoom.”) But it is the most insane, nonsensical theory Rush Limbaugh peddled yesterday on his radio program dedicated to ensuring no Republican ever again serves as president.

He’s just asking questions, of course. He’s just telling you about this article by Yossef Bodansky, which asks “Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?” He’s just putting it out there:

I don't go with the flow of conventional wisdom -- and I'm not a conspiracy kook, either. This makes perfect sense to me that Bashar could be set up. So I'm just putting this out as a possibility, because it's already out there. I didn't put it out there.

I'm just reminding you and sharing with you what's there.

It's up to you.

Of course, it makes perfect sense! Obama doesn’t want to go to war in Syria; he made a “gaffe” with his “red line” comment (a favorite Limbaugh trope) and he’s looking for a way out by seeking Congressional authorization; he’s in panic/delay mode, so obviously Obama did the chemical attacks! He is so eager to go to war in Syria, after all!

This ironclad idiocy comes to us from Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. He notes that Limbaugh’s source, Yossef Bodansky, is “[a]n Assad sympathizer who has previously suggested that the 1995 Oklahoma bombing was orchestrated by Iran and that Saddam's WMDs all ended up in Syria”

We don’t know about all that; we couldn’t verify the “Assad supporter” thing even after a solid fifteen minutes of googling, but he definitely was eager to link Iran to Oklahoma City way back when. (But hey, those were crazy times, with a white guy in the White House and Arsenio Hall being a guy people knew about.) With a bunch of defense publications and his service as a consultant at the Departments of Defense and State in the 1980s on his résumé, Bodansky appears to be one of those delightful fellows whose entire life is dedicated to drumming up nebulous terrorist threats and stoking associated fears. This sheds some light on the motives behind the article in question here. Better Assad than “the terrorists,” in Bodansky’s view.

“Obama did Syria chemicles” is almost certainly spreading like mono across the wingnutternet as we speak. It’s perfect -- it doesn’t make any sense, and it’s easier to spell than “Benghazi.” We can't wait to be completely sick of it!

[Mother Jones]


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