He sees you when you're sleeping

Happy Back To The Rat Race Day, Wonketariat! Are you looking forward to the coronation of the Khaleesi this week in Philadelphia, where the Democratic National Convention is expected to be a stark contrast to the shit cyclone that tore through Cleveland last week? Are you ready to give DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz a big warm hug and congratulate her on a job well done getting us to this point?

You are NOT, you are so mad at her because some people who work for her at the Democratic National Committee sent mean emails to each other saying mean things about the Bernie Sanders campaign. These emails included some mads and hurt feels expressed by DWS herself, who apparently took it personally when some Sanders supporters threatened Nevada Democratic officials and accused DWS of corrupt collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign. DWS fired herself Sunday, which is probably (definitely) just as well.

You know about these private conversations between DNC officials because Wikileaks, an open-source, freelance spy agency, released tens of thousands of DNC e-mails on Friday, because they love transparency and not at all because Wikileaks founder/rapist (ALLEGEDLY) Julian Assange hates the U.S. government.

Not surprisingly, it appears that Assange got the emails directly from Russian government hackers, working for Donald Trump BFF Vladimir Putin. And if you can think of a way to weaken America more than helping Donald Trump become president, we would like to hear it.

Want to feel even worse on a Monday? Read this detailed story about Trump's financial and political ties to Putin. Trump is such a deadbeat that he has trouble financing his developments, and he's become ever more dependent on shady investors close to Putin. Several of his campaign apparatchiks have previously worked for Putin-favored Russian oligarchs. Real oligarchs, not old ladies in Oklahoma registering voters for Hillary!

Trump says nuh uh, no way the Russians did this to help him. I mean, what's Trump ever done for Putin, other than basically promise to abandon NATO countries to Russian invasion?

Haha, the joke is funny because it means the death of America

(BTW, treat yourself to this weekend's Trump twatterstorm; it is a glorious mess of misspelled cognitive dissonance.)

Assange says he plans to release the Michelle Obama "whitey" tape next, along with the Betamax recording that shows Hillary personally gunning down Vince Foster, so stay tuned!

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