Sabrina Harman Makes Her Case

sabrina.jpgLeash-girl Lynndie England got most of the attention, but Sabrina Harman, the latest U.S. solier to go on trial for what happened at Abu Ghraib, was always our favorite. That radiant smile. The coquettish curl of her hair. In her hands, corpse-fondling seemed fresh and wholesome and a little daffy, great fodder for a Drew Barrymore Abu Ghraib rom-com, Never Been Sodomized with a Chemical Light Stick. But Harman, who popped up in the man-pile photo, allegedly wrote "rapeist" on one prisoner's leg, and is charged with five counts of maltreatment for threatening a prisoner with electrocution, wasn't actually having much fun at the Iraqi prison. Instead, she took snapshots to document the abuses that were transpiring there. "It bothered her and she started taking pictures to document what was going on," her attorney explained in a courtroom yesterday. And then, as if to underscore her shock over the terrible things she witnessed, Harman hopped up from behind the defense's table, smacked the prosecutor with a wet towel, stripped him, wrote "stupid loyer" on his naked torso, and started sobbing with laughter.

Second Trial in Abu Ghraib Abuse Opens [AP]


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