Sad Aging Beardo Hipster Gavin McInnes Is No Longer Relevant And It Is Definitely Feminism’s Fault


4b8aef58eba36-thorazineDudes, are you feeling sadbashed by feminism, what with its telling ladies they can do what they want and aren't bound by some nonsense biological imperative bullshit? Ladies, do you wish that some onetime hipster who has aged well out of cultural relevance would explain to you what you really want? Of course you do. Don't worry your little head about it, because Gavin McInnes, cofounder of "Vice," is here to yell at you, and don't worry dudes, because this bearded slab of dumb has got your back.

HuffPo Live had a conversation about the changing definition of masculinity, and inexplicably asked McInnes to particpate. They also had the temerity to ask a lady, Mary Anne Franks, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Miami School of Law, because of course the beta males that run HuffPo had to yield to the angry feminists and ask a lady to talk when we know that this is Man Talk and ladies should shut their piehole.

McInnes spent most of his time, when he wasn't yelling at Franks, reading some MRA mad libs:

"Why are all you wimps taking it for granted that violence is bad and that being macho is bad? That’s how we got here. The idea that this beta male is powerful and in control is what? 20, 30 years old? You’re going against 40,000 years of evolution."

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