Farewell, America's sweetheart!Pint-sized billionaire New York mayor Michael Bloomberg once occupied a special place in the hearts of the American electorate. Richer than Mitt Romney, more wee than Dennis Kucinich, he was our lucky leprechaun who would visit a new era of peace and prosperity upon this wounded nation. And then John McCain started gaining in the polls and people said, "Hey, maybe that curmudgeonly tax-and-spend warmonger ain't so bad after all."

Still, a few faithful Bloomberg holdouts remain. One sad-sack Californian told the New York Sun that "We are connecting the dots and the infrastructure, if you will, to be prepared to move much more quickly than an ordinary campaign."

Various supporters of this tragically ill-fated enterprise have staved off its end for at least another 36 hours or so. Andrew McRae, founder of the D.C. chapter of Unite for Mike, told the New York Times that "I think Super Tuesday results are still up in the air, and as far as we're concerned things are still on until we get tangible results."

High-Tech Campaign Is Eyed If Bloomberg Enters Race [New York Sun]

A Candidate Who Wasn't, and Now They Believe Him [New York Times]


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